If you receive an error message that stated the installer is damaged

and asks out to contact the administrator, then you need to follow our instruction:

1 Check you're using the latest version of Adobe Air platform.

you can download and install the latest one from url:


2 Try to download update directly from our server:


3 Try to completely uninstall previous version of software with this app:


You can use trial version free for 30 days, or any other tool to clean uninstall programs for windows.

4 Try to install to different then standard folder. For example you can try to change installation directory

from default to /programs (x86) to /programs or so.

If all steps above don't work for you then you need to find a cause of problem in your system logs.

For windows:

Open Windows Logs ( System->Event Viewer) -> Application and check logs according to error - then you can find some solution on the Internet or send description to us 

and we can help.

Here is complete steps from Adobe how to troubleshoot Air installation:


for macos platform:


You can also read how Adobe solves similar problem with their application Muse:


Also you can install CurationSoft in Native version.

Please read this article on how to do that: