In CurationSoft we have some settings which can help you to configure your post in many different ways.

1. First of all - Default media size settings.

By default any of your media with default template will added to post with 80x80px size.

For example for Flickr we have the following default template:

so you can see here defaultMediaHeight and defaultMediaWidth params ( our default media settings ). And in this case your Flickr image will be included in post as 80x80px image.

If you want bigger media just either change default media size or template ( for any source you want ).

2 Some additional settings specific for each search sources. For example - youtube. 

Youtube has its own size settings which overrides default media settings. Please look at the picture below.

In template you can see we’re using videoSize variable ( it points to selected value from video size dropdown box ).

So if you select 320x240 it will be embed as 320x240 object element.

We have also 3 types for embedding: Object/Iframe/watch url. You need to select proper type of embedding according to your blog ( some blogs work only with watch url! ).

For example for my blog Im using watch url ( you can see here is no size - it will load default media player)

and that’s I finally see in my blog:

Some Wordpress themes have problems with youtube videos. For example when you use predefined size for youtube video ( for example you setup it to 640x480 ) WP can change embed video parameters to width=100%, height=100% ( depending on theme you're using in WP ).

We can suggest Flexibility 3 theme to use with your WP blog and CS.

Some of our users reported about problems with Jetpack plugin. It causes formatting errors for youtube videos. In case if you have this plugin installed try to disable it or completely remove before sending support request about problem with youtube video formatting in your blog.