Some people have problems with setting up WordPress Blogs with CurationSoft. Lets go through this process together.

First of all let's setup Wordpress Blog settings.

Open Settings->Platforms->Wordpress. 

You can see there drop down list which shows you all your setup accounts ( or none if you don't have setup any ).

Click on it and select "Add new wordpress account..."

After that drop down list will show nothing ( it means you haven't configured any new account yet ) and you can start entering your Url,username and password ( according to your WordPress settings ). You need to get correct values to fill in your WordPress Settings ( open your wordpress settings and check url in wp-admin->Settings).

Url should be the same as in your blog settings:

if you have http://www.mysite.com in WP settings you need to enter exactly! the same URL in CurationSoft.

if you have http://mysite123.com in WP settings you need to enter exactly! the same URL in CurationSoft.

please note http://www.mysite.com  and http://mysite.com are different! 

in Username field you need to enter your username ( like admin, test, user1, my_account ) you can't enter email address here!

in password field enter your password ( the same you're using to enter your WP site ).

While entering url/username you can see your url and username in drop down list. It means you're entering/changing information about that account which is selected.

If you want to change that account just select it again. Url/username and password field will be filled according to selected blog. You can change it after that and save changes by clicking "Okay".

If you won't click "Okay" after change some information your change won't be accepted. All changes will be lost if you click "Cancel" after any editing.

After entering new account or changing existing one application will do quick test for new entered accounts/changed to check entered information. On this stage you can get some error message.

Error #2032 means you've entered wrong url. Please check it once again and click "Okay" again.

If you need to create new wordpress account just open drop down list and select "Add new wordpress account ..."  again. Then fill up the form again. You can have as much accounts as you need.

To delete any account select it first and click "Delete this account" button.

To delete all account click "Delete all accounts" button.

If you have some problems with setup wordpress account please read this article about problems with wordpress plugins:


You can just open the following link: http://{your_blog_url}/xmlrpc.php in your browser and check what problems you have with your blog