First you need to know here - we provide updates only through our site So there is no ability to inject any viruses or malware into it.

Don't download or install CurationSoft from other sources ( sites/torrents etc ).

Update should also work fine!

We are receiving some support tickets from ppl who have problems with installing CurationSoft because of malware warning from AVAST antivirus.

To be sure your AIR file is free you can download it manually from our sites and test with web virus testing tool.

Here is a link to download:

site for test:

Just upload downloaded air file to site and perform check.

If Avast deletes your file on install you can go to avast, then go to Maintenance, then Virus Chest, then right click the CurationSoft.air file and click restore. Then turn avast off or add CurationSoft.air file to exception list. Install CS then turn Avast on back .